Monday, 27 February 2012

looking for colour inspiration...

I've been wandering round the house, looking into the garden, picking up random magazines, leafing through my crochet books; all in search of a 'me' colour scheme for my next crochet blanket. Then right under my nose - this little pile of knitting WIPs I sorted out the other day and put into a basket could be just the answer! Red, off white and blue, with a few natural tones too.

Now all I need to do is dig deeper in my stash cupboard and find these colours in useful quantities and decide upon a style - ripple, stripes, granny squares, flowers in a square, hexagons... decisions decisions!

Don't you just love the way crochet brings out the designer in you? As a knitter I used to follow patterns religiously but I like the way crochet challenges my colour and layout sense and allows me to create something that is me, even if it is a bit trial and error!


  1. ooh there's a little bears nose peaking through!

  2. So true Juanita...and what I love with crochet is that you can see whether it is going to work really early and if you don't like it just start again. Looking forward to seeing what you decide :)