Monday, 20 February 2012

Uno, you know...

There's been a bit of a UNO craze going on at a certain school recently. I tried not to look too delighted when asked if I could possibly make a crochet card holder to go back to school with. It had to be a penguin-like, naturally.

Crocheted in the round until you get to the top of the pack and then work back and forth on a back flap to go over the top and down to the beak - decrease these evenly on both sides to form a triangular flap - I put a three chain loop at the point of this triangle which slips over the yellow heart shape button which represents his beak. (I know these aren't UNO cards, they were in a school bag today!)

This would have made a nice Christmas post! Snowy frames courtesy of BeFunky.

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