Wednesday, 15 February 2012

cheats crochet cushion...

With a budding cricketer in our midst we are finding ourselves travelling a little further afield for training and matches. Training is all year round for *J* which is just the way he likes it. He lives, eats and breathes cricket. On a tournament week last year I gently coaxed him awake one morning and he woke with a start, saying, 'hey, you should have caught that!' Proof that his dreams are about cricket too!

What has this to do with a picture of a blue cushion? Well, today all four of us set off to a small town an hour away for some cricket coaching. Mr H stayed to watch while *E* and I went to explore this supposedly quaint town.

We quickly realised that killing 5 whole hours there was going to involve a very major portion of that time in Costa Coffee reading newspapers! We did indeed manage to kill 2 hours in that way with new crafty mags (for me) and fashion mags (for *E*).

The only places worth popping into in this town were of the charity shop kind, and lots there were too. I dithered over these lilac and blue crocheted doilies in lovely soft cotton because lilac is perhaps my least favourite colour and previously I just didn't 'do doilies'. They were all of 75 pence for the three (E's philosophy is always 'just buy them Mum'). By the time we got home I'd remembered a plain blue cushion cover - and half an hour of painstaking sewing later and voila! A fabulously cheery new cushion! (Teenagers rules say that I'm not allowed to use the words hip, trendy or groovy!)

I didn't hesitate for my other purchase of the day. More about that later. I need to take a decent photo of it.

Anyone noticed that there's a whole lot of 'cushioning' going on here?

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  1. year round cricket and tournamanets, that is a serious budding cricketer you have there. we are more of a occasional casual village cricket family, with summer friday night training being the extent of it.....
    glad you found something to brighten up the long wait, you'll be able to open a cushion shop soon!