Saturday, 18 February 2012

taking flight...

Conversation with an 11 year old boy in the car on the way back from cricket:

J: So is Nanny in heaven now Dad?
D: Yes she definitely is... with Grandad Walter and Jake the dog.
J: Will I go to heaven one day then?
D: Yes, hopefully when you're eighty or so though.
J: So I'll be able to visit Nanny and visit Grandad Walter and walk Jake the dog!
D: (by now swallowing frequently) Yes you certainly will.
J: I'll take his collar with me then.

Sometimes I am eternally grateful for Church of England primary schools. Heaven must be such a comforting thought when you're only eleven.

Mr H and I took Harvey to Whisby Nature Park this morning. It was very pleasant weather when we arrived and I was wondering whether my new friend (the ipod) was wrong about the rain forecast. Harvey had a whale of a time...woo hoo... water!

 ...and this was our view from the warmth of the cafe! we made it back with seconds to spare before a torrential shower. Phew!

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